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The Most Important Trip You May Take in Life Is Meeting People Halfway!

Amidst the growing turbulence in the current business world, increasing premium is being placed on organisation’s ability to articulate their strategies and positions much more effectively. Even with the latest milestones in Information, Communication & Technology, business interactions tend to be cold, formal and uneventful. This further compounds the crisis in the business arena.


Therefore, the significance of negotiation skills as a panacea for this state of affairs cannot be over-emphasized. Negotiation skills lie at the very heart of business success since business is driven by humans who are social beings. There is need to interweave negotiation skills into the fabric, character, processes and procedures of organisations that would be successful in the 21st century. Negotiation skills have the power to break down barriers, relieve tension and create an atmosphere conducive for business.


This high-energy, high-impact workshop provides a proven approach to the negotiation process and will enable delegates to develop and practice the skills necessary for successful negotiation in their environment. It will develop them into skilled negotiators who can win business and at the same time develop and manage key workplace relationships.


Workshop Objectives

By the end of this training, this is what the delegates will be able to do differently:

  • Manage critical negotiations effectively both within & outside the organisation
  • Plan for negotiation situations
  • Steer negotiation conversations with a more considered approach
  • Develop trust and build great relationships within negotiations
  • Identify and choose different negotiation styles to adapt to the situation
  • Be more persuasive and influential
  • Deal with pressure and handle conflict
  • Achieve better agreement terms and buy-in


Target Audience

This workshop is designed for managers, supervisors, team leaders or employees who conduct any strategic or operational negotiations such as facilitating meetings, resolving team conflicts, delegating, conducting performance reviews, hiring new staff, negotiating contracts or dealing with suppliers both in public and public sectors.

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