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Terms & Conditions

1. Course Booking

  • Bookings for workshops, any trainings or other events run by Grayson Consulting can be done via telephone, e-mail or online via Grayson Consulting website (training calendar page).
  • Submission of participants names or request for invoice by the Client implies confirmation of the course booking.
  • Course booking details should include the full name, designation & contact details of those nominated to attend and the name & designation of the client’s authorizing officer.
  • By confirming your booking, you are accepting our terms & conditions on behalf of yourself, your company or any person you book onto a course.

2. Invoicing & Payments

  • We require upon confirmation of the booking the client to issue Grayson Consulting with purchase order or service contract.
  • Upon receipt of the purchase order or the training contract Grayson Consulting will issue the client with invoice.
  • All training payments MUST be settled in full before the training dates unless otherwise agreed with Grayson Consulting in writing.
  • Training fees are not refundable after the booking has been confirmed unless Grayson Consulting cancels the course delivery. Non-attendance by participants for any reason will automatically forfeit the training fees paid, and no alternative dates shall be provided by Grayson Consulting for re-attendance.
  • Both Grayson Consulting and the Client must provide their respective KRA PIN numbers to facilitate filing of associated taxes.

3. Cancellation

  • Both parties can cancel confirmed bookings/training by giving a 7 (seven) days’ notice in writing.
  • Failure to issue such notice as required by this agreement:
  • The Client MUST pay in full the amount invoiced by the Grayson Consulting for the cancelled booking.
  • Grayson Consulting MUST refund in full such payment received from the Client for the cancelled training.

4. Data Protection

  • For the purposes of training, Grayson Consulting collects personal data about participants such as names, email address, phone number, signature, photos & videos. Such Data will be processed in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2019.
  • Personal data will be used to process participants certificates and photos and videos will can be used by the Grayson Consulting for marketing training services.

5. Confidentiality

  • The Client must not reproduce, copy, publish or sell any course materials or any other materials supplied by the Consultant. Any such information, materials or documents supplied to the Client are for the client’s personal use only.