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Course Title Course Description Target Group Course Dates Venue Charges
The New Manager Boot Camp
60% of New Managers Underperform during their first two years. Those that survive develop Bad Habits that stay with them throughout their career. New managers are often promoted based on their job skills and technical know-how, not management potential New Managers or Recently Promoted Managers, Mid-level Managers, Supervisors, HODs’ and Team Leaders with no prior management training, Management Trainees, and Other Professionals considering management roles 24th and 25th October 2019 Nairobi Ksh 40,500 + VAT pp/USD 450
Advanced Recruitment, Interviewing and On-Boarding Skills for Managers
Most managers have despaired over the shrinking pool of competent candidates, the high cost of “top-notch” talent and high turnover that costs you time, money, and energy. The revolution in recruitment has had immense pressure on recruiters to step up their game.  The drums have sounded; “The War for Talent” is intense are your “soldiers” on the hiring line equipped? HR Managers / Officers, Admin Managers, Team Leaders, HODs’, Supervisors, Employee Relations Managers, Recruitment Specialists, Pay and Rewards Managers and Supervisors, Appraisal Managers 24th and 25th October 2019 Kampala USD 450 pp
Data and Statistical Analysis and Visualisation Using R Programming Workshop
This 2-day hands-on workshop gets participants up and running with R statistical software. It is designed to provide the solid foundation needed to conduct data analysis and visualization for data science. Professionals from any industry who have data to manage, clean, analyze, visualize and explore Clinicians, Researchers, Academics, Finance, Government agencies, Insurance, Pharmaceutics, Logistics, Health Care, Hospitality, Construction 28th to 31st October 2019 Nairobi Ksh 45,500 + VAT pp /USD 500
Telephone Etiquette and Frontline Receptionist Skills Workshop
Why is the most visible team in the company also often the least recognised, with little or no appreciation? Switchboard operators, receptionists and front line employees are often the first point of contact your customers have with your organisation, providing a moment of truth that can be critical in establishing a positive, professional impression of your brand. Customer Service Reps, Receptionists and Frontline Staff, Call Centre Agents, Switchboard Operators, Telesales Professionals, Personal Assistants/Secretaries, Account Receivable Professionals, and Office Support Staff. 31st Oct and 1st Nov 2019 Nairobi Ksh 40,500 + VAT pp /USD 450
Brand Analytics Workshop
This workshop explains key approaches to understanding how the brand is performing within the framework of customer and stakeholder values and expectations, and the market, to improve business performance Marketing and brand professionals, business owners and managers who have responsibility to design and/ or manage their brand analytics and metrics. 6th to 8th November 2019 Nairobi Ksh 68,500 + VAT /USD 700 pp
Mastering Internal Control to Prevent and Detect Corporate Fraud Masterclass
Most organisations are becoming vulnerable to any significant fraud. The reality is that many individuals can commit fraud against any organisation with a clever understanding of the company’s internal controls structure. Finance Managers, Accountants, Auditors, Directors, HODs, Managers, Supervisors and Any staff overseeing a function/ unit, Risk and Compliance, CEOs, CFOs and Business owners 14th and 15th November 2019 Nairobi Ksh 40,500 +VAT / USD 450 pp
Strategic Planning Using Balanced Scorecard
The Balance Scorecard focuses all resources on achieving the strategy; employees are empowered to develop and perform, internal processes are enhanced to deliver what customers want, and of all this lead ultimately to financial success. Executives, Managers with responsibility for creating or managing a Balanced Scorecard, Financial Officers and Controllers, Process Managers, Strategic Planning Managers, HR Directors/Managers, Head of Departments, Team Leaders. 20th to 22nd November 2019 Kampala USD 650 pp
HR for Non-HR Professionals Workshop
Team Leaders and Supervisors are expected to deal with some human resource issues within their departments. However, most of the time they do not have the expertise to deal with the employees’ related issues they face, yet they are expected to make decisions that are both effective and legal. This is a minefield of potential vulnerability. For the uninformed, it’s a recipe for disaster. All professionals who have staff responsibilities or are interested to explore into HR functions including but not limited to Head of Departments, Line Managers, Finance Head, Supervisors, Team Leaders, Sales and Marketing Managers, HR Professionals, Project Managers, Change Managers, New Manager, Business Owners. 21st and 22nd November 2019 Nairobi Ksh 40,500 +VAT / USD 450 pp
Project Management Workshop
Delays, cost overruns, or quality problems can wreck your project. This workshop provides hands-on experience with the tools and techniques to plan and manage a project successfully and to the client’s satisfaction. Project Managers and Coordinators, Project Officers, Program Officers, Event Planners/Organisers, R and D Officers, Business Planning Coordinators, Technical Service and Support Staff, Finance Managers. 27th and 29th November 2019 Nairobi Ksh 62,500 +VAT / USD 650 pp
Finance for Non-Finance Managers Workshop
This course will enable participants to bridge the understanding gap between the finance team and the rest of the business, thereby side-lining the jargon, identifying what drives the numbers and providing an insight to the metrics that are used to interpret them. This program is designed for non-financial managers in every functional area of responsibility across all industries. 28th and 29th November 2019 Nairobi Ksh 40,500 +VAT / USD 450 pp
Perfect PA, Executive Assistant and Office Administrator Masterclass
PA/EA of the 21st Century require knowledge, skills and abilities that are closely aligned to many of those of their executive bosses. They are increasingly depended on, to work under pressure and use initiative to help achieve business objectives. Executive Personal Assistants, Executive Assistants, Executive Secretaries, Senior Administrators, Office Managers, Event Coordinators and Senior Clerks 28th and 29th November 2019 Nairobi Ksh 40,500 +VAT / USD 450 pp
Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems: PECB Certified ISO 45001 Lead Implementer
The ISO 45001 Lead Implementer training enables you to develop the necessary expertise to support an organization in establishing, implementing, managing and maintaining an Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHandS MS) based on ISO 45001. During this training course, you will also gain a thorough understanding of the best practices of an OHandS MS and be able to apply them to continually improve the organization’s OHandS performance and ensure the well-being of employees by providing a safe and healthy workplace. Managers or consultants involved and concerned with Occupational Health and Safety Management
Expert advisors seeking to master the implementation of an Occupational Health and Safety Management System
Individuals responsible for maintaining conformance with OHandS MS requirements
OHandS MS team members
25th – 29th November 2019 Mombasa USD 1500 pp + VAT