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2020 Calendar

Course Title Course Description Target Group Training Period
How to Lead Through A Crisis Workshop Managers should continuously hone their skills to an ever-increasing level of professionalism that allows for clear, cool thinking precisely when it is needed the most; when everything else is going very wrong All staff in management 2 Days
Executive Management Program Operate successfully today and plan responsibly for tomorrow – this top program for executives offers inspiration, knowledge and orientation about the interplay between the present and the future. Senior Management & Executive Team 3 Days
Customer Experience & Brand Activation An important challenge for organisations now is to increasingly look for ways to more effectively engage with their customers beyond traditional channels in order to maintain profitable, long term relations and brand loyalty without compromising on customer experience Customer Service, Marketing, PR, Communications, Sales and Operations Professionals 3 Days
Managing Organisational Change Program This workshop is designed to help staff cope with change, even if this is enforced change. By understanding how we are affected by change and the natural way we deal with change, we are able to help staff build up a coping strategy, that will help them to adapt to ever changing environments Change Managers, Work Improvement Teams, Supervisors, Team Leaders, HR Managers & others responsible for implementing change initiatives within their organization 2 Days
Digital Marketing


This course will provide you with a system for reinventing your marketing as marketing re-invent itself in a digital era. The best part? You leave this 3-day long workshop with a digital strategy you can take back and share with your team Sales & Marketing professionals, Digital marketers, Social Media Managers, Brand Managers, Head of Agencies, Entrepreneurs 3 Days
Telephone Skills & Telephone Etiquette Mastery The telephone is at the heart of all business communications and great service begins when the telephone rings because with every ring, your organisation has an opportunity to create first impression. Receptionists, Back office staff, Sales, Marketing, Customer service professionals 1 Day
Ecommerce & Online Merchandising This course is focused on ensuring you understand the fundamentals of online selling, guiding you through a framework for online merchandising Sales & Marketing professionals, Digital marketers, Merchandisers 3 Days
Effective Telesales Skills


Having the ability to sell effectively over the telephone is an essential skill in so many market places. With more and more business conducted over the telephone every call is an opportunity to secure sales, increase profits and maintain customer loyalty.


Sales, Marketing, Customer service professionals 1 Day
Cash Flow Management & Financial Fundamentals As business activities slow, some companies are seeing lower revenue resulting in less cash flow. Managing cash and liquidity positions may be crucial in the weeks ahead.


Financial Controllers, Working Capital Managers, Financial Analysts, Financial Managers, Management Accountants, Business Analysts, Treasury Professionals, Budgeting & Planning Managers 3 Days
Supplier Relationship Management & Operational Excellence Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) combined with Operational Excellence allows organisations to effectively manage those suppliers who are important to you and unlock value. It also includes developing Strategic Collaborative Relationships (SCR) with the critical few suppliers who could make a profound difference to your business, both now and in the future Operations Personnel, Warehouse and Supply Chain Management Practitioners, Procurement and Purchasing Professionals, Professionals in Logistics Functions, Warehouse and Distribution Officers / Supervisors 3 Days
Crisis Management Workshop


An inadequate or ineffective response to a crisis or incident can compound and exacerbate an already inherently difficult and stressful situation, with potentially disastrous long-term effects on the organisation’s reputation, brand and standing in the eyes of employees, customers, partners, suppliers, industry peers and bodies, government, regulators, and media Risk Managers, Change Managers, Senior Executives, Board Members, PR professionals, Operation & Performance Managers 2 Days
Managing & Motivating Virtual Teams A variety of factors has led to the rise of virtual teams; organisations adjusting the new realities of modern worker demands for flexibility & work-life balance, sophisticated technology, globalization or the recent disruption from COVID 19 that have thrown many in unchartered waters, employees working from home, to just keep their businesses afloat Directors, Managers, Business Unit Leads, Virtual Team Leaders, Supervisors, Business Owners and Project Managers who manage employees who work from home, in a remote or virtual environment 2 Days
Workplace Counselling


In the modern work environment, employees at all levels at times find themselves needing someone to talk to regarding negative work experiences or grievances and often they turn to HR for assistance. HR practitioners keen to use counselling approaches to support employees 2 Days
Adaptability Management This workshop is designed to help managers adapt to new situations and to solve problems that have no standard best practice. You’ll learn tools to grow your own openness to change and different techniques to influence others to do the same All Staff Within an Organisation, Managers, Team Leaders, Executives, Business Units Leaders, Strategy Managers, Legal Secretaries 2 Days
The Workplace Re-Imagined There has been so much talk about the future of work. The disruption caused by Covid-19 has abruptly brought that future to the present workplace. The workplace is now, more than ever before, facing challenges from the future and demands adjustments All staff in Management 2 Days
Review of Strategic Plans
Review of Company Policies & Procedures