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Course Title Course Description Target Group Dates Venue Charges
Delivering Excellent Customer  ExperienceSEE DETAILSBOOK NOW This 2-day fun, interactive workshop is designed to help delegates to balance strong leadership and likability. With these skills, you can be counted on to build productive relationships founded on trust, respect and accountability This course is appropriate for all levels of staff 5th and 6th August 2021 Nairobi Ksh 42,500 + VAT /USD 450 pp
Modern Business Continuity ManagementSEE DETAILSBOOK NOW The course will focus on the role BCM plays in building resilient organisations, the role and responsibilities of the different stakeholders and the full Business Continuity Management lifecycle Business leaders responsible for Risk Management, Business Continuity, ICT, Human Resource, Strategy, Administration, Business Units, Facilities Management, Project Management and Corporate Communication 11th to 13th August 2021 Nairobi Ksh 72,500/ USD 750 pp (VAT Exclusive)
Labour Laws and ComplianceSEE DETAILSBOOK NOW Today, employment laws are far-reaching, and managers — along with the organizations they work for — can’t afford the luxury of ignorance. You must be up to date on the law, as well as all its fuzzy interpretations, and know precisely how those laws apply to situations within your organization HR Managers /Officers, Line Managers, HODs, Supervisors, Unit Heads, Risk, and Compliance Managers, Staff Welfare Officers, Pensions and Benefits Officers, Recruitment Officers, Health and Safety Officers, Union Officials, Labor Relations Officers, Employee Relations 12th and 13th August 2021 Nairobi Ksh 42,500 + VAT /USD 450 pp
Accounts Receivable and Credit Policies Management WorkshopSEE DETAILSBOOK NOW A sizable share of a company’s working capital is tied up in Accounts Receivable (AR) and this poses a high liquidity risk. It is indeed imperative, for the organisations’ to develop and implement an effective and efficient internal credit system to protect their liquidity and profit. Accounts Receivable Managers/Officers, Credit Managers, Revenue Accountants, Credit Officers, Billing and Collection Clerks, Sales Managers, Sales Executives, Credit Supervisors, Bank Loan Officers, Debt Recovery Agents, Finance / Accounts and Administration Professionals 12th and 13th August 2021 Kigali USD 500
Effective Selling SkillsSEE DETAILSBOOK NOW The key to your sales team’s ultimate success is to follow a proven, repeatable process that effectively uncovers and meets your customers’ needs. This often requires a change in mindset, on-going coaching and real accountability Sales and Marketing Managers, Sales Team Leaders, Sales teams, Social Media Managers, Sales and Business Development Executives, Telemarketers, Service Managers, Key Account Executives, Customer Relationship Officers 19th and 20th August 2021 Nairobi Ksh 42,500 + VAT /USD 450 pp
Brand Management and PlanningSEE DETAILSBOOK NOW Branding will be the epicenter of the efforts to compete in a super-crowded business environment. Building trust in a brand and managing its reputation is becoming much more important than managing the classic 4 Ps’ of marketing Brand Managers, Product Managers, Sales and Marketing Professionals, Communication and PR Professionals, Social Media and Advertising Managers, Account Managers 19th and  20th August 2021 Kampala USD 500
Developing, Improving and Monitoring the Internal Audit FunctionSEE DETAILSBOOK NOW The development, improvement, and monitoring of a highly-integrated, internal audit function are essential for the continued financial success, stability, and growth of the world-class organizations Head of Internal Audit, Internal Auditors, Finance and Account Managers, Head of Departments, Management Audit Committee, Compliance Officers 26th and 27th August 2021 Nairobi Ksh 42,500 + VAT /USD 450 pp
Strategic Key Account ManagementSEE DETAILSBOOK NOW This workshop provides key account management framework, process and tools for you to engage with the key accounts on a strategic level to build a profitable and sustainable relationship Key Account Managers, Sales Managers, Business Development Managers, Customer Relations profs, Territory Managers, Key Account officers Commercial Managers, Marketing Managers 2nd and 3rd September 2021 Nairobi Ksh 42,500/ USD 450 pp (VAT Exclusive)
Effective HR Administration SkillsSEE DETAILSBOOK NOW This workshop will examine the relationship between employee and employer, standards of conduct, how legal requirements must be met and how human resources can assure they are administered fairly and impartially HR and Admin Managers, HR Generalist, Office Managers, Employee Relations Managers, Talent Officers, HR Coordinators Recruiters, HR Analysts, HRB, Line Managers, Compliance Officers, Auditors 9th and 10th September 2021 Nairobi Ksh 42,500/ USD 450 pp (VAT Exclusive)
Mastering Internal Control and Fraud DetectionSEE DETAILSBOOK NOW Designing and implementing an effective system of Internal Control for your organization is an important step towards safeguarding your resources and increasing your levels of accountability. Board Members, CEOs’ Financial Controllers, Chief Financial Officers, Internal and External Auditors, Accountants, Certified Fraud Examiners, Risk Managers, Legal and Compliance Officers, HODs and Supervisors, Loss Prevention Specialists, Internal Control profs and  ICT 15th to 17th  September 2021 Nairobi Ksh 62,500/USD 650 pp (VAT Exclusive)
The Executive Secretary and Personal AssistantSEE DETAILSBOOK NOW A visionary leader needs a high-functioning team to execute the strategy of the business. As part of a high-functioning team, the EA/PA today requires a concerted combination of management, interpersonal and technical expertise including a creative work attitude Executive Secretaries, Personal Assistants, Administrative Executives, Group Secretaries, Departmental Coordinators, Project Officers, Junior Secretaries, Private Secretaries, Personal Coordinators, Executive Support Officers, Office Managers 22nd to 24th  September 2021 Mombasa Ksh 62,500/ USD 650 pp (VAT Exclusive)
Effective Digital Marketing StrategiesSEE DETAILSBOOK NOW This workshop will help you how to build an effective digital marketing strategy, achieving better brand awareness, improved customer service, deeper engagement, broader reach, greater advocacy and increase your overall ROI! Social Media Managers, Digital Marketers, Bloggers, Content Marketers, Customer Service Professionals, Brand/Product Managers, Business Owners, Ad and Promotion Managers, Marketing and Sales Professionals 23rd and 24th September 2021 Nanyuki Ksh 42,500/ USD 450 pp (VAT Exclusive)
Frontline Excellence, Reception and Telephone Etiquette SEE DETAILSBOOK NOW Today’s receptionists and frontline staff are required to make decisions, solve problems, handle safety concerns and communicate with professionals at all levels. In addition, they are the jewels and gems in your company who can make or break the professional image you would like to project to current or potential customers Receptionists, Front Office Staff, Telephone Operators, Relief Receptionists, Call Centre Agents, Customer Service Reps, Switchboard Operators, Telesales Professionals 7th and 8th October 2021 Nairobi Ksh 42,500 + VAT /USD 450 pp
Excellence in Warehouse and Inventory Management SEE DETAILSBOOK NOW In this age of intense competition, complexity and unprecedented disruption in global supply chains, maintaining an optimal balance between available stock to meet customers’ demands and investment in inventory is a complex trade-off Procurement and Supply Chain Managers/Officers, Purchasing Managers Stores Personnel, Inventory Managers, Inventory Clerks, Warehouse Officers, Buyers, Data Processing Personnel, Supply Chain Personnel, Material and Inventory Planners, Production Planner, Distribution and Logistics 13th to 15th October  2021 Nyahururu Ksh 62,500 + VAT /USD 650 pp
Brand Management and Planning SEE DETAILSBOOK NOW Branding will be the epicenter of the efforts to compete in a super-crowded business environment. Building trust in a brand and managing its reputation is becoming much more important than managing the classic 4 Ps’ of marketing Chief Marketing Officers (CMO), Marketing Directors, Marketing Managers, Head, Marketing, Marketing Services, Brand Managers, Product Managers, Marketing Officers/Executives, Finance Managers, Sales Managers, Advertising Agency Account Executives, PR and Communication Professionals and Social Media Managers 21st and 22nd October 2021 Nanyuki Ksh 42,500 + VAT /USD 450 pp
Performance Planning, Appraisal and Feedback SEE DETAILSBOOK NOW This course will help you plan, execute, assess and review performance by adopting a proactive approach to performance. It will equip you with a workable set of tools and a framework for managing performance that can be implemented for any individual, team or within any organisational environment All levels of management, including Team Leaders, Supervisors, HR Officers, HODs’ responsible for conducting Performance Appraisals. 28th and 29th October 2021 Sagana Ksh 42,500 + VAT /USD 450 pp