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Mining Important Insights to Help Drive Business Forward!

Every day your business generates more data on sales revenue, marketing performance, customer interactions, inventory levels, production metrics, staffing levels, costs, and other KPIs. But with so much data to sift through, it can be difficult for people to see the story it tells.

Data visualization brings data to life, making you the master storyteller of the insights hidden within your numbers. Through live data dashboards, interactive reports, charts, graphs, and other visual representations, data visualization helps users develop powerful business insight fast and make informed decision.

Power BI suite has powerful tools and services that enable businesses to have a deeper understanding of business data with strong data analytics and visualizations. With Power BI, data no longer sits in the large databases never to be used. Power BI integrated solutions encompass diverse data sources and visualization types.


Workshop Objectives

By the end of the Power BI training course, participants will:

  • Navigate the different Power BI components confidently
  • Have a competent foundation in Power Query to perform complex data cleaning and transformation
  • Combine multiple data sources into one dataset, model it and build KPIs and metrics that answer specific business questions
  • Understand basic data modelling and the difference between fact table vs dimension table
  • Create stunning reports with interactive data visualisations, including slicers, filters and adhoc-highlighting
  • Create custom toolips and drillthrough pages for better context and data exploration
  • Understand basic DAX functions and the difference between implicit vs explicit measures, calculated columns vs measures
  • Publish and share Power BI dashboards and reports with the appropriate security settings and permissions


Target Audience

Directors, General Managers, Finance Managers, Business Analysts, BI Professionals

Sales Managers, HR Managers, Data Analytics Manager, Business Owners & Anyone who deals with business, management and financial reporting

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