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“It’s Excel’s World, We Just Live in It.”

Excel is simply indispensable. This critical tool serves as a blank canvas for building business and financial models of all types.


Organisations generate data every day. With so much data stored each year, MS Excel becomes the ultimate tool of choice to track and review information, for data analytics to empower organisations to make data-driven decisions.


Thus a working knowledge of Excel is vital for most professionals today to increase productivity and quality, whilst also reducing the scope for catastrophic errors and devastating inefficiency.


This trainer-led, intensive and hands-on course will help participants to harness their Excel skills to create solutions to a wide variety of financial and organizational tasks.


Workshop Objectives

By the end of the program, participants will be able to:

  • Better organize, analyze & present day-to-day data using Excel spreadsheet
  • Create complex formulas
  • Appreciate pivot tables, conditional formatting
  • Defined names and data validation.
  • Use a range of functions and develop dynamic charts and reports


Target Audience

Data Scientist, Accountants, Financial Professionals, Researchers, Business Analysts, Medical Professionals, Sales & Marketing Professionals, M & E Officers, Personal Assistants, Production Managers, HR Professionals, Admin Assistants, Investment Bankers, Data Clerks, Procurement Professionals, Management Consultants, Engineers, Project Managers, IT Executives, Legal Officers, Cashiers & Loan Officers


Workshop Pre-requisite

  • Each participant to bring their own laptop
  • Participants should have some background in using Excel
  • Maximum class size is 15 pax; reserve your spot now!

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