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The Threat from Within!

According to the association of certified fraud examiners (ACFE) 2020 report, 33% of businesses experience increasing fraud, year over year. It also revealed that the fraudulent activities lasted an average of 18 months before being detected. Imagine the type of loss your company could suffer with employees committing fraud undetected for a year and a half.


Fraud is a widespread risk that can affect any organization, its business continuity, and its reputation. Its therefore important that every organization should have a plan in place as preventing fraud is much easier than recovering your losses after a fraud has been committed. 


Designing and implementing robust internal controls for your organisation is an important step towards minimize the possibility of fraud and mitigate its potential harm.


This 3-day course will enable participants to develop and deliver a systematic plan to strengthen your risk management, proactive fraud prevention techniques effective internal control environment.


Masterclass Objectives

Upon completion of this masterclass, participants will be able to;

  • Ensure organisation has an effective balance between risk & internal control
  • Explain to management the benefits of an enterprise-wide approach to risk and internal control
  • Apply the different techniques for identifying and managing risks
  • Ensure that preventative, detective and corrective controls are in place
  • Link risk management and internal control into the business planning process
  • Implement an effective fraud prevention process
  • Promote a culture of integrity and ethics across the organisation


Target Audience

Board Members, Directors, CEOs’ Chief Financial Officers, Internal and External Auditors, Government Accountants & Attorneys, Regulatory Compliance Specialists, Accountants, Fraud Examiners, Risk Managers, Legal Officers, Loss Prevention Specialists, Internal Control Professionals, Consultants, Security Professionals, Procurement Professionals, ICT Professionals, Company Secretary

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